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Our mission is to ‘Transform radiology’ by delivering truly-portable low-dose 3D X-ray imaging at the point-of-care as an alternative to 2D X-ray.

Veterinary: We allow 3D on the treatment bed to transform dental workflows (faster, cheaper), and allow the clinician to perform procedures they would have to refer away otherwise (allowing them to retain revenue in their practice). We currently offer this in the UK on a ‘Pay-per-Study’ basis and launched in the US in May 2022. The target market is companion animal veterinary practices in urban/suburban environments.

Orthopedic: We allow truly-portable low-dose 3D in the treatment room to improve diagnostic certainty, accelerate workflow and improve practice profitability. We have submitted the FDA 510(k) and are launching in the US in early 2023. Our target market are the 9,280 US Urgent Care Centers (‘UCCs’) and 9,616 US Ambulatory Surgical Centers (‘ASCs’) who do not generally have 3D imaging.

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