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Air Sentry is the largest supplier of high end air purification systems to the English National Health Service. Our unique systems are used across all clinical disciplines and we have had systems in use in operating rooms and intensive care units since 2003.

Our systems are intentionally under marketed. Our unique purpose designed filter is a cartridge verified to EN14644 part 3. It consists of a staged pre filter, activated carbon and ULPA15 media which we then test to >99.9992% @0.3µm. Independant testing by pathogen research Leeds and public health England shows that our system has the best efficacy currently available. We would normally expect to achieve and maintain clean room levels of air quality in occupied clinical spaces.

Air Sentry manufacture and supply a full range of systems, all of which come with a ten year warranty and two year filter guarantee for maintained systems. Our system life is expected to exceed 25 years. Air Sentry’s interfaces are simple, by design, to minimise staff interaction. We do not need gimmick’s, gadgets etc, our units are purpose designed to achieve maintaining a safe indoor clinical air quality and we do that exceptionally well.

Our units can be supplied as fixed, wall mounted or mobile. All systems can admit fresh air and some versions can also supply pressure differential as positive and negative pressure systems.

We are launching Genesis, a simple low extract duct version that enables a speedy retrofit for extract into clinical areas. Genesis can also be supplied or retrofitted with Aristotle electronics, Air Sentry recirculation using filtration, and also high level supply is a central clean zone is required.

The electronics, Aristotle, offer an extensive range of air measurements, monitoring and alerting. These include delta T, CO2, particle counts (PM1, PM2.5,PM4,PM10), TVOC, N20, NOx, ambient pressure, duct flow velocities and shortly also radiation. We can sense and include any sensor commercially available. Aristotle will also monitor and control DC motors and monitor filters. The system is deployable across a full built environment so it can be used for a single department or across a whole hospital site. It includes for Bacnet and Modbus interfacing. Useable with Genesis, it is system agnostic and can be added to any ventilation system regardless of age.

Air Sentry have a patent awarded for disease detection in relation to air. Our intention is to work with clients to build data sets using Genesis and Aristotle and then look to have disease alerting enabled by 2028. This will enable our client base to significantly improve alerting for air related disease whilst also ensuring the clinical environments are maintained at a safe level. We are also working with a major university on an air sampling system which will supplement this, enabling actual laboratory samples to be taken if and when an alert occurs.

We are looking for distributors internationally for several markets, please contact us if this might be of interest.

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