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The Platform for Medical Imaging Applications and AI

Blackford delivers a dedicated platform and service for the effective selection, deployment, orchestration, and use of best-in-class medical imaging applications and AI.

As the most mature and widely deployed dedicated platform provider in the industry, everything we do is exclusively focused on helping healthcare providers identify and integrate medical imaging applications and AI that benefit their practice.


Blackford enables radiologists to realize the benefit of multiple imaging applications and AI to generate greater value and do more with their valuable time. Without requiring them to change their workflow and resources we help radiology departments deliver value and increased volume from their existing infrastructure and referral base. We assist radiologists in reading complex cases more efficiently, to reduce missed diagnoses and realize reimbursement opportunities whilst driving efficiencies for referring physicians and downstream healthcare provision.


Blackford’s single dedicated platform transforms the deployment, orchestration, management and support of multiple imaging applications. We are solely focused on making imaging and AI tools deliver value with a single integration to our customers clinical environment and workflow enabling customers to manage a broad portfolio of applications and be responsive to future application demands.

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