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CanSense Ltd is a University start-up med-tech company translating impactful academic and clinical research results to meet the growing global market in cancer diagnostics - a UK-based solution to a global problem.

The innovative CanSense test seeks to provide an affordable healthcare solution to early-stage cancer detection using one standard blood sample, with our aim to significantly reduce the high levels of cancer mortality.

CanSense is focused on developing blood-based diagnostics that meet the need for accurate, accessible, and inexpensive tests for cancer using technology that has platform potential. Our initial development is targeted towards the early detection of bowel cancer, with a test for use by GPs.  Additional cancers have been identified to maximise the utility and commercial potential

Bowel or Colorectal Cancer(CRC) is the third most common cancer globally. CRC incidence is rising rapidly globally and in the young (<50yrs old).

“Thousands of bowel cancer deaths could be prevented every year through earlier diagnosis of this disease. This is a potentially game changing innovation in terms of population-based access to a cheap, convenient and acceptable test. An important step in the development of precision medicine".
- Prof Crosby OBE, National Cancer Clinical Director for Wales

At CanSense we believe we are going to make a significant positive global impact on society by dramatically improving people’s lives by helping diagnose cancer early, when it is treatable and curable.

Late-stage diagnosis significantly increases patient mortality
Most patients (60%) present at advanced stages (III/IV), with 5yr survival rates only 8%. Early diagnosis is crucial to reduce mortality rates: stage 1 survival rates are 95% and cancer preventable if detected at premalignant polyp stage.

Lack of Testing in Primary Care = Ineffective pathway
A lack of accurate, acceptable testing in primary care has led to an unsustainable increase of patients being sent to hospital for a colonoscopy which is usually negative, creating an inefficient pathway which is at breaking point. Demand for colonoscopy has doubled over the past 5 years and continues to increase. There is a desperate need to improve primary care triage methods to ensure the correct patients are prioritised and unnecessary referrals avoided
Significant NHS costs for diagnosis and treatment
Significant associated costs for patients undergoing ‘unnecessary’ colonoscopy procedures, as they do not have cancer.  CRC costs the NHS £293.9million each year, with most significant costs attributed to late stage treatment. Current methods of testing and screening are failing, effective testing within oncology is critical - now more than ever. The COVID pandemic has clearly highlighted the need for simple, accurate, accessible and affordable diagnostics.

CanSense’s innovation seeks to provide an accessible & affordable solution to early-stage cancer detection using one simple blood test done at your GP, with our aim to significantly reduce cancer mortality by detecting cancers early when their treatments are curative.   

CanSense utilises innovations in spectroscopy and AI to develop new cancer diagnostics that will compete in Global and UK markets, addressing the inequity for early diagnoses.

We have an award winning team of world leading experts, demonstrating the required clinical, academic, innovation and business acumen to deliver a test that will transform patient outcomes. 

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