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Cromwell Hospital is an internationally renowned private hospital located in Kensington, central London. It is a leading London hospital renowned for being the first to invest in some of the UK’s leading-edge equipment and cancer services. We offer treatment for both adults and children, and are dedicated to providing world-class care to our patients.

The hospital was purpose built and opened in 1981 as a state-of-the-art private facility for complex procedures and excellence in patient care – a tradition which continues to this day.

Our patients choose to come to us from our local area, throughout the UK, and from more than 100 other countries. Our International Patient Centre is a dedicated service to assist patients and their families travelling from abroad for treatment.

The hospital has over 500 accredited consultants, mainly drawn from London’s teaching hospitals, covering over 70 specialties. It is recognised as a centre of excellence for oncology, cardiology, paediatrics, orthopaedics, lung, complex surgery and medicine. Cromwell Hospital's diagnostics service offers the very latest technology.

Outpatient services include private GPs, health screening and family medicine services.

The hospital has 120 beds and boasts a large and loyal UK and international clientele, admitting self-pay, embassy sponsored patients and those funded by medical insurance.

Cromwell Hospital constantly strives to provide a first-class service to its patients through the use of state-of-the-art technology, innovative diagnostics and a continuous investment programme. 

Going above and beyond for our international patients

With an international reputation for excellence, we have welcomed patients from over 140 countries, attracting self-pay, insured and sponsored patients with our comprehensive service offering, world-leading specialists and innovative technology. To enable us to deliver not just world-class medical care, but also a world-class experience to all of our international patients, we offer a dedicated International Patient Centre (IPC). The IPC team provide a one-stop service for international patients and their families coming to the Cromwell, ensuring their experience is as smooth and stress-free as possible, and the service we offer is caring, confidential and respectful. The IPC is comprised of patient coordinators, who support patients on each stage of their healthcare journey, as well as interpreters, offered free-of-charge across all languages. We also have many multilingual consultants and nurses working at Cromwell, across a broad range of specialities.

Cultural support

In addition to providing practical support, the IPC are dedicated to ensuring the care and treatment our international patients receive is culturally sensitive and appropriate. As our international patient advocates within the hospital, they help enable positive health outcomes through their ability to understand and communicate effectively with people across a range of cultures. This cultural awareness is central to our wider hospital’s framework and facilitates a smoother patient journey and better experience.

Where innovation is second nature

With diagnostic and treatment technologies constantly evolving, we know how important it is to stay ahead of the curve to give our patients the very best care. We invest in the latest equipment to make diagnosis faster and more accurate, and work with leading consultants who are at the forefront of new treatment developments. As the only London private hospital to offer such a broad range of medical services under one roof, we aim to provide a diagnosis and treatment on the same day. This helps us to attract exceptional consultants who know that their patients will have the best possible hospital experience.

Our facilities include:

  • The GenesisCare Centre for Radiotherapy, offering Europe’s most advanced radiotherapy treatments and technology including the MRIdian MR linac, Varian edge and Gamma Knife icon
  • State-of-the-art adult intensive care unit, using specialist medical technology such as an electronic prescribing system and ‘Smart Glass’, which can change from transparent to opaque depending on privacy needs
  • Ambient MRI scanners with a wider bore to minimise discomfort
  • The very latest PET/CT technology
  • Specialist TomoTherapy systems for precision radiation therapy
  • Angiography suite that offers the most accurate imaging available
  • The da Vinci Xi surgical robot - the most advanced robot of its kind, enabling our surgeons to carry out complex, minimally invasive surgeries across a range
    of specialties
  • One of the few Mako robots in London, providing a high degree
    of precision during joint replacement surgery

Exceptional care in a luxury environment

Cromwell Hospital is world-renowned for its facilities, first-class service and exceptional standards of care.

Alongside offering a wide range of treatments delivered by our world leading consultants, the hospital is located close to Heathrow airport, attracting a large number of international patients. With our luxurious hospital suites, we are also a natural choice for high-profile guests from around the globe. Some choose our hospital because we offer exceptional clinical care, led by specialist consultants who are leaders in their fields. Others are attracted by the convenience of our central location and comfortable, high quality environment. Ultimately, what makes Cromwell Hospital so special is that we go above and beyond to exceed your expectations to provide world class care, expertly tailored to you.

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