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Deltex Medical manufactures and markets haemodynamic monitoring technologies which are primarily used in critical care and general surgical procedures.

Deltex Medical's proprietary oesophageal Doppler monitoring ("ODM") (TrueVue Doppler) measures blood flow velocity in the central circulation in real time. Minimally invasive, easy to set-up and quick to focus, the technology generates a low-frequency ultrasound signal which is highly sensitive to changes in blood flow and measures such changes in 'real time'.

Deltex Medical is the only company in the enhanced haemodynamic space to have built a robust and credible evidence base demonstrating both the clinical and economic benefits of its core technology: TrueVue Doppler. This technology has been proven in a wide range of clinical trials to reduce complications suffered by patients after surgery and consequently can save hospitals money.

Deltex Medical's TrueVue System on the CardioQ-ODM+ monitor platform now provides clinicians with two further advanced haemodynamic monitoring technologies. TrueVue Impedance is an entirely non-invasive monitoring technology which transmits low magnitude, high frequency electrical signals through the thorax and measures the changes to this signal when the heart pumps blood. TrueVue PressureWave uses the peripheral blood pressure signal analysis to give doctors information on changes in the circulation and is particularly suited to monitoring lower risk or haemodynamically stable patients.

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National recommendations and reimbursement for Oesophageal Doppler Monitoring (ODM)

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