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What happens when you bring together leading experts in vision systems, optical engineering, algorithm development and mathematical problem solving? 

You change the game in retinal imaging and diagnostics. 

By combining our insights and expertise we’ve created an advanced video retinal imaging system; the epiCam VDO, encompassing device, data and diagnostics – all deigned to enable healthcare practitioners to help patients faster and more effectively than ever. 

The epiCam:

  •  Use video to examine areas of interest in real time, then watch again to freeze fleeting glances in fast-moving eyes
  •  High quality optics enable our epiCams to resolve features below 10 microns in size
  •  Pan and tilt to see retina beyond the conventional desktop view, and freeze still images wherever you need
  •  A non-contact, lightweight device you can take to your seated or prone patients of all ages

The future of retinal healthcare is putting it in motion. See more at www.epipole.com 

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epipole is an innovative, engineering-led company, tackling the causes of preventable blindness. Find out how:

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