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"Rubbish in, rubbish out. If you don’t make the effort to collect the specimen properly, all the clever stuff you do in the lab later, won’t work." Mark Wilks, Clinical Microbiologist, QMUL

Forte Medical is a diagnostic disruptor, promoting preventative practice through accurate urine specimen collection. Peezy Midstream is the world's only accurate urine collection method for routine point of care testing. Invented by Dr Vincent Forte, NHS GP of over 25 years, Peezy solves the overlooked frontline problem of unreliable urine specimen collection, which can lead to untreated UTI, false-positive antenatal dips, repeat tests, repeat appointments, unnecessary antibiotic prescribing ... and c£70m in NHS funds being literally flushed down the loo. Sample contamination* can negatively impact all dip technology, whether analogue or digital.

Peezy Midstream is the only collection method to achieve a gold standard specimen that meets all NHS, PHE and other healthcare urine collection guidelines, providing the closest guarantee for a reliable diagnostic outcome. It can also reduce the burden of unnecessary tests reaching the lab. Evidence points to:

  • 70% reduction of false-positive dipped urine samples in antenatal settings
  • 0%- 2.5% contamination in Primary Care settings (national avg. 20%)
  • 66% saving on GP Surgery lab spend (Public Health Wales Primary Care)

Forte Medical is working with partners on digital and diagnostic systems to make urine point of care testing faster and more accurate to the benefit of patient health and NHS finances alike. The Specimen Collection is a portfolio of new collection devices under development for novel early stage cancer testing and more.

*A contaminated sample will collect natural flora and bacteria that wash off the skin creating mixed growth that can mask the problem bacteria, risking a false-positive dip and problematic culture. Midstream urine is the gold standard, yet often overlooked at point of care frontline due to time and other pressures.

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