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At ICU Medical, our focus is bringing you intuitive, innovative, and clinically differentiated products and services designed to safely and efficiently meet your IV therapy needs.

We give you automatic safety with unmatched efficiency and interoperability in one connected IV system that features the four-time Best in KLAS (2018-2020 Smart Pumps; 2021 Smart Pumps EMR-Integrated) Plum 360™ infusion pump with ICU Medical MedNet™ safety software. We can help you reduce medication errors, enhance the quality of care, and streamline workflows.

Our data security is backed by UL Cybersecurity Assurance Program certification for a medical device and an ongoing process of continuous improvement. Our clinical and technical experts' team provides you with customized configuration, implementation, and data analytics services.

With the addition of the ICU Medical 300 series infusion system portfolio of a syringe, volumetric, PCA (Patient-controlled analgesia), and TCI (Target-controlled infusion) modules, we are expanding our portfolio to include an all-in-one, easy-to-use infusion system.

We continue to help you enhance patient safety and standardize clinical protocols throughout the hospital with our clinically differentiated Clave™ needlefree IV connectors and Swabcap disinfecting caps designed to enhance the barrier to bacterial ingress and align with swabbing compliance recommendations.

In oncology, our ChemoLock™ closed system transfer device (CSTD) is designed to help keep healthcare workers safe and align with industry safe handling guidelines during every step of the hazardous drug process, from preparation to transportation, administration, and disposal.

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ICU Medical MedNet™ IV Medication Safety Software Brochure

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Medima Infusion System Brochure

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MEDIMA S300 TCI Data Sheet

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MEDIMA S300 PCA Data Sheet

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MEDIMA P300 Data Sheet

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MEDIMA S300 Data Sheet

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ICU Medical SwabCap Brochure

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Plum 360 Smart Infusion System Video

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Clave™ IV Connector Technology Brochure

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Plum 360™ Smart Infusion System Brochure

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ChemoLock Closed System Transfer Device Brochure

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