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Insight Surgery’s proprietary platform "EmbedMed" (TM) gives surgeons easy access to Personalized Surgery solutions. The Platform automates the design and manufacture of Patient-Specific Medical Devices. These include Digital Planning for surgeries,.Anatomical Models, Surgical Guides and Implants.

The devices are highly impactful and particularly suitable for complex Pediatric, Orthopedic and Oncology cases. Up to now, digital planning and patient-specific devices has been held back by poor delivery of the technology to clinicians. Surgeons need Guides in days, not weeks.

Insight Surgery's extensive range of products & digital services have been clinically proven in improving patient outcomes and optimizing institutional operational expenses. These can be delivered on-site or remotely to meet your requirements.

With over 1,000 Patient-Specific Medical Devices delivered, Insight Surgery is the UK’s leading provider of Personalized Surgery with the capability to supply devices in days, not weeks.

FDA cleared and ISO 13485 certified, Insight Surgery has 5 facilities in leading NHS hospitals and in the Texas Medical Centre.

Insight Surgery also provides products and services for other surgical areas including cardiology, neurosurgery and surgical simulation.

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