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At Mayo Clinic Healthcare located in London, we see patients as human beings, not illnesses. Here, a world-class care team – focused on you – will stand by your side to provide you with answers and solutions, enhanced by the ability to access the medical knowledge of 150+ years and an unrivalled network of more than 4000 specialists at Mayo Clinic in the United States.

Mayo Clinic, ranked as the No. 1 hospital in the United States by U.S. News & World Report 2020-2021 for five consecutive years, is known around the globe for its integrated model of care: an unhurried, comprehensive, team-based focus on each individual. Our ongoing commitment to our primary value, “the needs of the patient come first,” keeps you at the center of every discussion, decision and treatment plan, enabling us to improve health and save lives like no other health care organisation in the world.

At Mayo Clinic Healthcare, you have quick, easy access to a wide array of services that best suit your needs in a relaxing and comfortable space:

Individual health screening plans. Tailored health screening plans that are flexible, responsive and built around your individual needs. Their main purpose is to help you be healthy and stay healthy.

Concierge medical programmes. Designed for the discerning individual seeking an unparalleled care experience, Mayo Clinic Healthcare's Concierge Care offers a personalised care programme. It is the zenith of preventive care and offers year-long access to your physician through email or phone.

Corporate and executive health screening plans. Strategic organisations understand that a healthy executive team drives a successful business. We designed our healthcare screening plans to help executives access Mayo Clinic Healthcare preventive services through a focused, efficient, individualised experience.

Specialist consultations. We offer a variety of consultation options with experts in virtually every specialty, including cardiology, gastroenterology, dermatology, sleep medicine, women's health and others. Through specialty consultations, you also have access to Mayo Clinic Laboratories. Performing more than 3,200 types of tests, 25 million times a year, Mayo Clinic Laboratories offers the most sophisticated test catalog in the world.

Second opinion services. If you would like a second opinion on a diagnosis or finding, we offer quick, easy access to expert review of your case. With a gateway to more than 4,000 world-renowned specialists at Mayo Clinic, our medical team can review your records, analyse your health history and make additional recommendations or confirm your diagnosis.

Tailored Medical Exam. Offered face-to-face or virtually, the Tailored Medical Exam provides you with a consultation with a Mayo Clinic Healthcare expert about a specific problem or concern. If further testing or consultation is needed, our specialists will discuss options with you. Every year, Mayo Clinic provides individualised treatment to millions of people from around the globe, some of whom have been seeking answers for years.

Whatever your health care needs, you will receive a customised plan, with innovative and promising treatments for your unique needs.

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