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Diabetes is a growing global health crisis affecting 10% of the worldwide population. There is a need for more efficient and cost-effective diabetes management, and technology is essential to optimise care delivery and prevention.

MyWay Digital Health are responsible for national diabetes self-management platforms in the UK, delivering education to over 500,000 users and data-driven services directly to over 60,000 patient registrants. MWDH operate internationally supplying regional and large organisational digital solutions. My Way supporting cost-effective patient education and self-management (demonstrated to improve health outcomes and save money), clinician decision support and population analytics at scale. MWDH utilise health system and remote monitoring data and are leaders in low cost automation of care delivery through data-driven supported decision making/ semi-automated clinical services. The use of Ai and predictive analytics has the potential for huge cost savings through early intervention and preventative action across a large range of health conditions.

MyWay product work in partnership with diagnostics and device manufacturers, and support remote care delivery. Modular components are being created to enable extension across other disease domains, with broader application outside healthcare providers e.g. for insurers and pharmaceutical companies. The potential for scalable online digital products in the global marketplace is enormous.

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