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Ohmedics Ltd (Ohmedics) is an advanced bioelectronics company in wearable sensors, digital health and diagnostics that spun out from the University of Strathclyde in 2009. Ohmedics offers advanced diagnostic systems based on bioelectronics principles that are easy to use in the home or clinic as well as telehealth integration services for clinical providers. We are also about to launch a range of non-medical, wearable devices for wellbeing aimed at the general consumer market. Ohmedics possesses extensive experience and an IP portfolio of granted and pending patents suitable for mobile diagnostic and monitoring systems and in our strategic plans for telehealth and advanced wound care we have a number of products in development. Ohmedics has three platform technologies for wearable and portable devices for home, hospital or consumer use, backed up by granted IP; 

1. Ohmedics’ Wound monitoring sensor WoundSense™. This platform covers wound monitoring and diagnostics with an ‘in dressing sensor’ for moisture measurement and dressing change control. An ‘in dressing’ infection monitor will be a future product from this platform. IP has been granted for this system in the USA, EU, China and Japan. The system has been used in the UK, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. It has been shown in clinical trials in Qatar (funded by QNRF) that the device could prevent up to 44% of wound dressings being changed unnecessarily.  

2. Ohmedics’ cell and bacterial reagentless monitoring and detection for infection detection, urine, blood, lung etc. An Innovate UK grant with Ohmedics as the principal partner and the University of Strathclyde allowed us to successfully explore this technology for the detection of lung bacteria in sputum. We have separately shown that the system can recognise antimicrobial resistance in bacterial infections.  The platform is now being developed for wound and urine infection detection. IP has been granted in the USA, EU and China. 

3. Ohmedics’ transdermal (wearable) sensors for glucose, lactate and hydration. We are currently advisers in a clinical trial for this wearable technology at the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at the Royal Hospital for Children, Glasgow. IP has been granted on this in the USA and EU. 

Separately we have developed a wearable consumer device for hydration and wellbeing monitoring. The skin-wearable devices is linked wirelessly to a user’s mobile telephone and a monitoring app. The system will launch with direct sales to consumers in 2021.  

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Study of wound dressing changes in the goverment hospitals of Qatar

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