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Our vision at Onics® Ltd is to help Oncology teams to see more Patients, each & every day, and in so doing help improve patient outcomes. We do this through our iNOTZ® suite which captures the Medical Consultation data “in clinic” and automatically produces the Medical Note for the Consultant. iNOTZ has been designed with Oncologists to improve productivity, reduce administrative burdens and to deliver structured, coded data which ensures consistency and can be immediately transmitted to an establishment’s electronic health records.

“Since I’ve been using iNOTZ I can see, on average, an extra 8 patients a week! That’s like having an extra day per week & I’ve also saved on the administrative costs of transcription services,” Dr Randy Sorum, Oncologist, Olympia, WA, USA

iNOTZ® allows Oncologists, and their support team, to digitally capture a patient’s medical information and clinical data during a patient consultation. iNOTZ® automates the paper based “in clinic” consultation process and produces a digital Clinical Note for the Oncologists’ approval during the consultation. iNOTZ® adapts each establishment’s existing Medical Note templates and forms as well as incorporating Dragon Medical® dictation from Nuance® for speed of data entry in clinic.

The iNOTZ® suite covers:

•    Patient Questionnaire pre-consultation data capture
•    Family & relations medical histories
•    Consent Forms & Signatures
•    Medical Note from the Consultation process
•    Data coded according to SNOMED CT
•    Integration with EHR’s eg MOSAIQ® from Elekta®
•    HIPPA compliant
•    Immediate availability of the note for communication to referring physician
•    Automatic ICDo10 in addition to F and Z coding for family and social history

Uniquely, iNOTZ uses digital linguistic technology, which was invented by Dr James Watson, as part of the aim to ease administrative pressures on medical professionals. The system works by recording clinical notes on an Apple iPad and instantly assimilating them into a full text record that includes patient history, diagnosis, treatment plan, test results, staging, ICD coding and treatment outcomes.

The company’s US patented Think Ahead® technology, is modular and includes different clinical note sections including patient portal style questionnaires, secure communication from patient to provider, remote access, as well as solutions for all clinical note and consent form style documents

iNOTZ has been sold in the US since 2013, with user hotspots including Washington State, Oklahoma and California; and as such the software is HIPAA compliant and meets AMA recommendations, as well as only interfacing with HL7 compliant health record system interfaces. More recently, in 2019, the company launched the latest version of the iNOTZ suite in San Diego, which incorporates the Nuance Dragon Medical cloud-based voice recognition that, among other things, enables voice commands to navigate the iNOTZ product. Building on this success, OnICS are now exploring opportunities in the Middle East, Europe, Far East & Australasia.

Our iNOTZ suite helps physicians produce more efficient, effective, reliable and accessible medical records, as well as saving time & money compared with the traditional dictation and medical transcription processes.

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