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Paxman develops and offers the market leading Paxman Scalp Cooling System that is used to minimize hair loss in connection with chemotherapy treatment for cancer.

Chemotherapy-induced hair loss is widely recognised as one of the most traumatic side effects associated with cancer treatment, and yet it is still one of the least explored. We are changing that.

Paxman has been pioneering scalp cooling technology for over a quarter of a century, and was founded as a family business by Glenn Paxman, following his wife Sue Paxman’s hair loss in connection with chemotherapy treatment for cancer. Glenn realized that there were shortcomings in the methods for scalp cooling used at that time. The first version of the Paxman scalp cooling system was developed with his brother in 1996.

The clinically proven Paxman cold cap system has helped over 100,000 cancer patients around the world to retain their hair during chemotherapy.

Presently, the system is available at a large number of cancer centres in Europe, North- and South America, Asia and Australia, with more installs continuously added . With over 3,500 delivered systems to over 40 countries, Paxman is established as the leading player in its field.

Today, scalp cooling treatment has a strong clinical support and is a fully established therapy in, for example, the UK, Scandinavia, the Netherlands, Belgium, Australia and a number of other countries. A key market for Paxman is the USA where the company has been very successful following FDA clearance of its product in April 2017.

The company has extensive global experience with more than 65 clinical studies conducted over 17 countries including: Australia, Austria, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, India, Italy, Japan, Lebanon, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, UK and the US.

The Paxman Scalp Cooling System is a compact, self-contained, mobile, and electrically powered cooling unit to which a specially designed scalp cooling cap is connected. Each cooling unit has an integrated touch screen with a menu-controlled, graphic user interface that makes it easy for healthcare staff to initiate, monitor and complete the scalp cooling process. The associated Paxman cold cap is made from lightweight, biocompatible silicone that is soft and flexible, providing an optimal fit for the patient.
Scalp cooling is a simple procedure that can prevent alopecia caused by certain chemotherapy drugs.

The use of scalp cooling is proven to be an effective way of combating chemotherapy-induced alopecia and can result in a high level of retention or can completely preserve the hair. For patients, this means the opportunity to regain some control, maintain their privacy, and encourage a positive attitude toward treatment.

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