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For almost 40 years Randox have been at the forefront of diagnostics, leading the way with our disruptive technology and versatile product offering.  With offices and distribution in over 145 countries worldwide it is estimated that around 5% of the world’s population receive medical diagnosis using Randox products every year. 

In January 2020, Randox were one of the first diagnostic companies to respond to the coronavirus pandemic launching a highly accurate molecular diagnostic test in just a few short weeks. The test is widely used privately and by both the travel & sporting industries and is responsible for more than 17% of tests as part of the UK government’s national testing programme. 

Our portfolio has quickly expanded to comprise a range of COVID-19 solutions including; extraction reagents, qPCR reagents, a high throughput laboratory-based PCR test, a rapid point of care PCR test and a serology test capable of measuring antibodies targeted to both RBD and N proteins which allows individuals who have been vaccinated to be distinguished from those who have developed natural immunity.  Delivering a complete testing package for the diagnosis and management of COVID-19, a full range of quality control and external quality assessment solutions are also available ensuring accurate patient testing.  

With speed, accuracy and reliability at its core our diverse product range comprises; third party quality control solutions, the world’s largest EQA scheme, over 113 diagnostic reagents including many niche & superior performance assays, clinical chemistry analysers and patented biochip technology. 

The revolutionary biochip is capable of simultaneously detecting hundreds of targets from a single patient sample.  Complete patient profiling in this way facilitates faster patient testing, earlier diagnosis and improved patient pathways. The unique technology has applications in clinical diagnostics, molecular diagnostics, forensic toxicology and food testing. 

Dedicated to improving healthcare worldwide, our Randox Health clinics encourage individuals to adopt a preventative approach.  Harnessing the power of the biochip we can predict future health concerns and identify early signs of illness allowing individuals to act to prevent or delay disease onset. 

Our commitment to advancing healthcare and significant re-investment in R&D means Randox have over 150 patented inventions and more new tests in development than any other diagnostic manufacturer.  Novel tests capable of differentiating haemorrhagic from ischemic stroke, identifying Alzheimer’s Disease risk and early diagnosis of chronic kidney disease are among just some of the niche tests available. 

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