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Looking to improve the translatability of your drug development pipeline? Human fresh tissue testing allows you to gain human data before taking your compounds into the clinic. 

At REPROCELL's Centre for Predictive Drug Discovery, you can access a range of translational human tissue testing services including:

Human tissue testing can be used to more accurately estimate drug efficacy, troubleshoot off-target drug effects that present at clinic, and even optimize precision medicine strategies. Below, we have listed a few case studies showing how we have helped Pharma enhance their drug development pipelines. 

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Human Tissue Testing Services

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Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) Assay

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Precision Cut Lung Slice (PCLS) Assay

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Drug Absorption and Metabolism Assay

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Skin Explant Assays

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EXPLAINER VIDEO: Using Human Fresh Tissue to Improve Clinical Success

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