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RWG is a mobile network and service provider, doing things differently.

We formed in 2015 to bring people together in our home country of Wales. We were the first to deliver an all-Wales mobile network with WiFi calling, billing transparency and a bilingual customer experience all as standard. Today, with our Connected Networks solutions, we command oceans of bandwidth from the world’s largest mobile networks. Plentiful, low cost, straightforward connectivity. We deliver and manage it just as it’s meant to be - simply and transparently with you in control.

Leveraging our Connected Networks capabilities our RWG iCare HPaaS (Health Platform as a Service) is revolutionising the delivery of health and social care by transforming affordable telemedicine and digital social care for society’s vulnerable, in the world’s most competitive markets. As a central innovation platform RWG iCare enables the deployment of fully connected care communities to enable the delivery of a wide range of remote patient management (RPM) services. RWG iCare embraces and integrates a wide range of RPM technology and generates valuable insights that power new workflows and interventions and connects the cared-for, professional carers and kinship carers (family and friends) in conversation. And vitally RWG iCare provides a pathway to enable support for people in the community to self-manage their long-term health conditions to achieve the best outcomes for their health and well-being and to reduce the care gap.

With RWG iCare everyone has a ‘seat at the table’.

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RWG iCare HPaaS

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RWG - Introducing iCare HPaaS

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RWG Connected Networks

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