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TensCare Ltd a medical device business based in Epsom for over 27 years became Employee Owned in 2017 and since then has embarked on increasing its international distribution in its mission to improve the quality of life for their product users. TensCare have been recognised in Her Majesty The Queens honours list for The Queens Award for Enterprise for International Trade 2021 due to its excellence in the field of electrotherapy and developing overseas business for this proudly British brand.

Formed in 1993, TensCare have TENS machines for managing the long-term treatment of chronic pain conditions, recovery and improvement of muscle control and tone after accidents or illness including sports training and relief of acute pain during childbirth. Starting in 2010 TensCare expanded their product offering to include pelvic floor exercisers offering relief from bladder weaknesses and assisting with erectile dysfunction. A range of beauty devices offering aesthetic programmes for slimming, facial toning, and nail cleaning was added to the range in 2020. In addition, we have vast experience of working with partner companies to take concept TENS and electrotherapy devices from the boardroom table to the pharmacy shelf or practitioner’s clinic. TensCare are also know for designing bespoke units to meet distributors specific needs including individual marketplace requirements.

Backed up by clinical trials proving their effectiveness, TensCare products belong to the Medical Device Category Class II and meet the requirements of the European Medical Standard EN ISO 13485:2016 ensuring that the products we produce meet EU consumer health and safety requirements. In addition, our products are registered with many World Health Regulatory Authorities and Government Ministries of Health around the world.

What TensCare does and how we do it are underpinned by our Mission to be the leading provider of self-use electrotherapy products supplied via the world’s best pharmacy retailers, medical device distributors and health care practitioners.


What we do and how we do it is important because of the ‘why’. The TensCare team and the partners we work with are fortunate; by working in healthcare, we get to contribute beyond ourselves - improving the quality of people’s lives, which, in turn, improves the quality of life of the people in their world. We can all make ripples that extend way beyond ourselves to help others.


TensCare offers an unrivalled package of innovative pain relief and well-being products. We know the difference our products make to the quality of life to hundreds of thousands of users. Our products improve the quality of life by helping people feel better naturally. We believe that the well-being of one individual can affect the health and the well-being of the people in that individual’s family and community.


We are the brand who deliver on the promise. We are a multi-cultural team that focus on common goals, the main one being to improve the quality of life by helping people feel better naturally. We recognise that by helping each other and working together, we are greater than the sum of the parts.

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