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TestCard was founded in 2017 and aims to make testing more accessible across the world, helping people to take control of their health. TestCard’s mission is to improve access to healthcare.

TestCard has three main areas of focus:

1. UTI - At-Home Testing

TestCard creates at-home testing that provides immediate results at a low cost in the comfort, convenience, and security of your own home. TestCard is a combination of non-invasive test kits and a mobile phone app that turns a phone’s camera into a clinical grade scanner.

Testcard App can be integrated into pharmacy systems to enable an end-to-end clinical pathway.

  • With In-App Patient triage - Patient directed to the right healthcare provider.
  •  In-App Results and Health questionnaire responses digitally shared with pharmacist - reducing consultation & admin time and allowing prescriptions to be safely prescribed and received same-day or next-day.
  • Reduces pressure on GP surgeries and urgent care centres, in line with Government and NHS “pharmacy-first” initiatives for minor ailments like UTI (⅕ of all GP appointments are for UTI-related issues)

TestCard’s UTI Test Kit is CE marked for use as a medical device in the UK and Europe. Our test is as accurate as a urine test performed in a clinic. TestCard is ISO 13485 certified.

2. Screening & Research

TestCard’s technical solutions are used to screen patients for potentially serious illnesses.

This type of solution acts as a funnel to identify those who could benefit from a consultation with a GP/Specialist and removes those who are clear, freeing up resources to focus on the cases that matter.

Patients are identified as at-risk by local authority/organisation and invited to take part in screening

1. Patient receives screening pack with test kit and downloads app

2. Patient tests themselves at home and results are recorded and available to the organisation for review by healthcare professionals immediately.

3. Based on test results, the patient is either contacted for further tests / treatment or ruled out.

4. GP & Laboratory time is focused on patients most at risk.

As an example - TestCard works in partnership with Yorkshire Cancer Research, Coordinated by Cancer Research UK & King’s College London Cancer Prevention Trials Unit. TestCard supported with a study to determine if bladder cancer can be predicted through at-home testing using a simple urine dip test; > 60s men are the primary group

TestCard provided much-needed technology as well as the physical tests to a study that did not have an easy way to record results for clinical review and data analysis. TestCard provided an app with their branding and a customised test flow that met all their requirements, as well as an analytics environment for research nurses to view test results and follow up with patients.

3. Professional Use - ClearScreen Reader

Working in partnership with Guys & St Thomas NHS Foundation Trust (GSTT), TestCard has created a digital solution called ClearScreen.

ClearScreen is a digital reading, recording, and reporting solution for rapid diagnostic tests developed by TestCard. The solution comprises a mobile app and web portal, integrated directly with the NHS Trust’s Electronic Health Record (EHR), allowing rapid testing and recording of test results at the point of care.

The patient testing app is installed on the Trust's own mobile devices (managed devices can also be provided) and integrates directly into the Electronic Health Record (EHR). Test results are accessible throughout the hospital directly associated with the patient, providing greater traceability, and clinical governance.

ClearScreen has enabled improved patient flow and data assurance to help build resilience to support future long-term need with the NHS.

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