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Edinburgh, Scotland-based Waire Health was founded in 2015 to develop Vital Signs software solutions by a core team with a combined experience of 75 years in electronics systems design, project management in large scale digital roll outs across multiple markets, including health. 

The Company's mission is clear; to develop technology featuring 24/7 Continuous Vital Signs monitoring delivering real Clinical Value while but with Consumer Ease of Use.

The first technology development was the company’s unique Prototype Sensor to capture vital signs enabling significantly greater accuracy and intended for wearable medical devices. This breakthrough was the foundation of a successful EU Nightingale H2020 PCP tender to support Older and Post-Operative patients resulting in the (codename) Sentinel wearable Continuous Vital Signs device - beating out some of the largest HealthTech companies in the world.

Discussion in early 2020 with the 5 EU University Hospital Nightingale collaborators suggested repurposing and simplifying the design to deliver C-Detect; a 4-in-1 sensor device capable of autonomous monitoring, but also connectivity to Electronic Patient Record and Management systems.

All Waire Health devices are:

  • Autonomous - All the user need do is to unpack, switch on and wear it
  • Accurate - Worn on the upper arm, minimising motion inaccuracy while remaining close to the core of the body thus not compromising the efficacy of all onboard sensors 
  • Sustainable - Devices can be easily cleaned, reused, recharged from standard consumer USB chargers 
  • Inclusive - Waire sensors are worn, not adhered to skin (minimising skin prep & damage), and on all skin colours (including tattoos) 
  • Agnostic - network to existing EHR platforms & dashboards 

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