Scottish Pavilion

With green business opportunities and attractive investment returns, Scotland has the perfect blend of innovation, talent, financial and renewable resources to help your business prosper.

Scotland's long tradition of tech innovation is stronger than ever, making it the place to be to do great things digitally.  Matched by our excellent infrastructure of suppliers, industries and networks, Scotland is your natural trading partner.  That’s why Scotland continues to be the most attractive destination for foreign direct investment in the UK outside of London. 


Scotland’s exciting life sciences sector covers everything from agritech and aquaculture, to medical devices and diagnostics, clinical applications, pharmaceutical services and healthcare.

The sector contributes £2.4bn gross value added to the Scottish economy and has seen 7% growth each year since 2010.


With more than 770 life sciences organisations employing more than 41,000 people, Scotland is one of the largest life sciences clusters in Europe.

We have a strong track record of successful, efficient and safe clinical trials and have a number of innovation centres and centres of excellence to support businesses.  

From global pharmaceutical companies to medical biotechnology startups, we’ve got the networks, support and skills you need to succeed.


Thanks to the close relationship with the NHS, companies in Scotland enjoy coordinated access to clinical investigators and patients through a single point of contact.

The Life Sciences Scotland Industry Leadership Group (LSS ILG) also help to facilitate collaboration by helping government policy-makers work with the industry to make sure Scotland remains an attractive place for companies in the life sciences sector.

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